From My Heart You Came

From My Heart You Came
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After lots of dreaming and hard-work, I am VERY EXCITED to announce that I have written a children's book, "From My Heart You Came",  and it is now available for purchase!!! This book is a tender journey through the thoughts and emotions of a mother's heart for her adopted child. Here are some more tidbits about the book:

-The book is written in a rhyming pattern.
-Each book is individually created by-hand.
-The pages are laminated for added strength and durability in the hands of little ones (who desire to chew and tear things).
-The book is bound together by colorful key rings accented with heart-shaped plastic beads.
-Each book is numbered by hand
-The book is 13 pages long, and the last page of the book contains a clear pocket to hold a favorite 3x5 photo of Mommy and child.

-The book is 6x9 in size...fits great in purses and diaper bags!
-Both "Mamas" who created the book have biological and adopted children.
-10% of the proceeds from this book are donated to "Because Every Mother Matters" an organization devoted to helping mothers around the world.

I hope mommies and their "little ones" truly enjoy this book 
and that it becomes a family favorite for many!

-The cost of the book is $16 and includes FREE SHIPPING in the US only (please contact me for international shipping)!
-You can pay through PayPal by clicking the "Buy Now" button on the right side of this page or if you would prefer to send me a check directly please send an email to for more information. Thanks!!!

I am self-creating, self-publishing and self-marketing this book, so please feel free to help me spread the word!

Enjoy a few sample pages!...

*When ordering a book...or two ;0) please expect variations in the color of rings and heart beads. Also, remember each book is made by hand (with lots of love).